Microsoft Resolves Some Technical Bugs In Their Xbox Live Network

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In the last few months, Microsoft has been dealing with some technical problems in the Xbox Live network online. Many Xbox One and Xbox 360 users have been submitting complaints online to the Microsoft support page hoping for an earlier resolution of the issue. However, Microsoft seems to be taking their time in fixing these technical bugs present in the gaming network.

Xbox Live users affected by various technical bugs in the network

First, many Xbox users had problems connecting to the network itself. This affected many users on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. The technicians managed to resolve the problem in a few days for the Xbox One users, but the Xbox 360 users had to wait for a few more days before they could finally connect their systems to Xbox Live.

Such problems keep happening again and again. Recently, it was reported that many Xbox users on Charter Cable internet connection had issues connecting to the Xbox Live network. Here too, Microsoft technicians took too long a time to fix the issue. Many Xbox 360 users complained that all they see on their screen when they try an Xbox Live app or game online is a black screen.

Also, there are some technical issues specific to certain apps or games on the network. For example, some users, who have no issues connecting to the network, found that they could not access the achievements they unlocked after hours of gaming and accumulating the points. Microsoft support page online has received more complaints regarding such specific issues like errors when playing certain gaming titles, failure to access certain options or features, etc in the last few months.

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Microsoft reported that they have so far fixed many of the issues in the Xbox Live network and many more will be fixed in the coming weeks. Reportedly, they have installed some server updates to fix some of these issues and they are working on a fix to solve the issue of game achievements not registering on the Xbox Live account status.

Compared to these Xbox Live service outage problems and other issues, Sony’s PlayStation Network seems to be offering a somewhat better service with relatively fewer number of such connection issues. So, clearly, Microsoft cannot afford to continue dragging their feet like this when it comes to fixing these issues. It looks like Xbox Live is in need of some serious overhaul.

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Audio Support And Adapter For Surround Sound Support In Xbox One

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Xbox One Audio Support

The first rumors about the upcoming Audio Headset Adapter in Xbox One came up in an online discussion in the social networking website Reddit. The large gaming community who are active redditors expressed tremendous interest in the upcoming feature. Little later, Albert Penello, Microsoft director of product planning for the Xbox One, detailed about the features you can expect from Microsoft Xbox One in terms of getting Surround Sound Support using an Audio Adapter.

Long story short, Penello revealed that the gaming console will only provide stereo quality sound at the minute. When asked why, Penello stated, “Keep in mind, when you’re dealing with only two speakers, we chose higher quality stereo vs a virtual surround, since the advantage of surround isn’t obvious until you get into very high-end discreet speaker headphones”. To know more features about the Audio Headset Adapter, you can contact the Microsoft support page. The efficient staff will detail you the latest news including the pricing and product comparison.

Although some gamers were disappointed, others did not find this would be subpar. In order to keep the gamers interested, Albert Penello provided a sneak-peak into the activities in the Microsoft headquarters at Redmond. He continued by saying, “We are discussing some sort of virtual surround, but I think the high quality Stereo sound, plus great chat, and the adapter for $80 is a pretty great product.” The stereo headset has recently come out in the market and features a detachable adapter that can be used with other headsets.

Microsoft Xbox One

Surround Support For Xbox One

Penello hinted that surround sound might be available on a future date. He said, “”Yes, its possible. Its a [software] feature not a limitation of the [hardware],” which means gamers can predict a Surround Sound update in the future. Revealing more features, he added that the controllers will not timeout or turn-off when the user is performing a different task like watching television or movies using the controller’s stereo set. There are several different rumors coming in about the future update, albeit without any proof.

However, Microsoft refused to confirm or even hint a due date for the planned update of Microsoft Xbox One. One of the Microsoft representatives said, “We’re always listening to what our customers want, and yes, we have many updates in the pipeline to continue to evolve our audio capabilities.” However, he promised to provide more details in the future. If you want to know when and where you can purchase this device, you may contact the Microsoft support page.

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Enhanced Chat From Microsoft Lync 2013

Microsoft Lync 2013

Microsoft Chat Information

It is common knowledge that the software giant, Microsoft’s Lync, without a shadow of doubt one of the most popular unified communications platforms available, gained cost reductions due to the implantation of MS UC. Here, we are talking about the Microsoft Lync 2010.

Microsoft Lync ingeniously brings together real time presence information along with various things such as IM, video conferencing, Voice over Internet Protocol, email Exchange and Microsoft Office. This has helped in a great way for creating efficiencies and leveraging productivity. With the latest release of Microsoft’s UC server upgrade in MS Lync 2013, things are going to change further, positively.

The Lync 2013 does not bring new platforms, but it does help in building upon all the associated features of Microsoft Lync 2010. This helps in delivering a super powerful and extremely robust customer or user experience. The world’s leading software maker is promising enhanced resiliency and greater reliability with its 2013 model, as well as better enhancements in how you can make communication on the move, easier.

Enhanced Chat and IM

This is one of the best features of the latest platform. Microsoft chat called Persistent Chat is an advanced Lync service specifically built around the former familiar group chat functionality. In this case, the use of the word Persistent means that you will be able to see a history of the chat session. This is because the chat history is retained. This allows users to easily jump into a chat room and learn about the conversations that have taken place. In case of the previous edition of Lync, the discussions in 2010 were not kept archived. Actually, the thing is that this led to many legal implications to some perspective users.

Microsoft Chat

Microsoft Chat Help

Moreover, there is another new feature in the new Microsoft chat. You can have tabbed conversations. This is simply amazing, because now users can keep all their calls, instant messages and chat rooms in a single conversation window, reducing the complexity and confusion, which might happen otherwise. It is possible for users to quickly add other contacts to an IM conversation. Users also have the facility to upgrade it to an audio or video call and all this, with just one simple click.

Advanced Conferencing features

There is another great feature. The new conferencing features have gone through a huge makeover in MS Lync 2013. It now offers support for 1080p HD resolution, which can be useful for video conferencing.

These are some of the awesome new features of Microsoft Lync 2013.

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Fixing Error 1603 In Windows 2000/XP

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Microsoft Help

Error 1603 is a common occurrence if you use Windows XP or 2000 on your PC. It usually happens when the settings in Microsoft Installer are bungled. You can fix this without having to download any patches, but that takes some work. Although lengthy, the process is simple enough to carry out, regardless of whether you are an expert or a novice. It goes without saying that you need to be logged into Windows for this to work.

Microsoft tech support instructions for Fixing Error 1603

  • See if the folder where you’re trying to install the new software has encryption in place. If so, that might be the reason for the error you’re encountering.
  • Make sure that you install the software in a local drive, and not a removable one.
  • You might need administrator privileges to install the application. Grant these; if and when prompted, enter the username and password. Go to My Computer.
  • Right click on the drive you wish to install in, and select the Properties option from the context menu.
  • Go to the Security tab at the top of the properties window, and do the following depending on the OS you’re using at the time. If you’re on Windows 2000, check that the name box contains a user account installed for this OS. XP user, meanwhile, ought to ensure that the Group/user names box has an account installed.

    Microsoft Installer

    Windows Installer

  • Hit the Add button if the System account doesn’t come up. When it does, you’ll see the Select users or Groups option. Go to the Name field, and select the System option. Hit Add and then select the OK option from the bottom right.
  • Check under the Permissions subheading and check the Full Control box you see under Allow. Click the Advanced button, and check the box beside Replace permission entries on all child objects…child objects. Do the same for the System Account option as well, and then click OK. If you’re using Windows 2000, leave the Reset permissions on all child objects…permissions box checked, and click OK. If you get a confirmation request box, click Yes. Wait for some time for the setting change to kick in, and try installing the program once again.

For more such useful Microsoft tech support tips and guidelines, check out our other posts. You just might find something which turns out to be useful for you.

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Microsoft Unveils Skype Qik For Mobile Platforms

Microsoft Chat

Microsoft Chat Apps

The tech world has long been waiting to see what Microsoft is planning to do with its Skype video chat app. Although Skype is considered to be the number one video chat app and the finest of all Microsoft chat apps, it is way behind in the mobile platform, which is increasingly becoming popular among users across the world. Rival apps like Snapchat have been pushing Skype aside in terms of popularity and features on mobile platforms. The mobile version of Skype has been criticised for being complicated and mundane. However, Microsoft has finally come up with a mobile friendly version of Skype. The new mobile-only messaging version of Skype is dubbed Skype Qik and the unofficial tagline of the app is “Keeps you connected between calls.”

Skype Qik

Don’t assume that Skype Qik is just a mobile version of Skype. It is more or less a standalone application. To start using Skype Qik, you will need to sign up with a new account using your mobile number, meaning there is no much use with your existing Skype account or Microsoft account credentials. As its name indicates, Skype Qik is relatively quick. It lets you do rapid-fire video messaging from the convenience of your smartphone. Furthermore, it enables you to do both one-to-one chat as well as group chat. The app allows you to create video clips spanning up to 42 seconds and send them to person or group of persons on the other end.

How to capture footage for Skype Qik?

There is no problem with using either of the cameras (front camera or back camera) on your smartphone. After recording the footage, you don’t have to do anything because it functions automatically, sharing the footage with people in the ongoing chat. The best part is that you can create a thread for the video so that participants in the chat wouldn’t miss any clip or the order of clips you shared with them.

Skype Video Chat

Skype Chat

Microsoft dispels users’ concerns regarding uploaded clips

Despite its unique and outstanding features, Skype Qik is being criticised for the privacy and security of uploaded clips. The concern that some of the users have expressed is whether the uploaded clips will be stored in Microsoft database. However, Microsoft explained that the uploaded clips would be deleted automatically after a fortnight.

In terms of features and convenience, Microsoft chat app Skype Qik outdoes most of the existing rival video chat apps across different mobile platforms. However, it is still to be judged by users.

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