Preventing Vista From Automatically Installing Device Drivers

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If you are using the Windows Vista operating system, you must be knowing that Windows Vista OS automatically detects and installs new hardware. This can ease the process of installation if the new hardware needs built-in generic drivers. The Windows Vista operating system from Microsoft includes a plug and play feature that is enabled by default. This feature provides easy hardware installation by automatically installing the required drivers without the intervention from the users. If the new hardware needs custom drivers or if the user wishes to prevent automatic hardware installation for security reasons, the Plug and Play feature can prove to be a hindrance rather than help.

In such situations, the users can disable the Windows Vista device driver automatic installation feature by making use of the Device Installation Settings utility. The Microsoft tech support tips that are shared below will help you to disable the Windows Vista device driver automatic installation feature.


  • Log into the Windows Vista computer with the username and password of an account that has administrator permissions. You will need administrator privileges to make changes in the Device Installation Settings utility.
  • Click on the Start button that is located on the Windows Vista taskbar and then click on the Search box.
  • Type in View Advanced System Settings into the Search box and then press the Enter key.
  • Device Installation Settings Utility

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    In the Advanced System Settings window, select the Hardware tab and then select Device Installation Settings. This will open the Device Installation Settings window.

  • Now you can select No, Let Me Choose What to Do radio button and then select Never Install Driver Software From Windows Update radio button. After doing the above steps, you can click on the Save Changes button to save the settings changes that you have made.

These are the simple and easy to follow steps to prevent Windows Vista operating system from automatically installing the device drivers of the new hardware components. You can follow these steps carefully so that you do not encounter any errors. If you are not confident enough to do these steps on your own, you can always seek help from the Microsoft tech support team. The tech support executive will help you finish these steps successfully without encountering any errors. You can follow these steps to turn on the feature if you wish to do so in the future.

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Microsoft Finally Brings In Export To PDF Option In Office For iPad

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Microsoft Releases New Update

By now, you would have noticed a subtle shift in Microsofts’ marketing strategy. Apart from embracing cloud computing at its natal stage, Microsoft has released a lot of services for interested users for no cost at all. More surprising is the fact that Microsoft is now focusing on cross platform compatibility more than ever. Earlier, each service or application of Microsoft was limited to its native Windows platform itself. However, recognizing the increasing dominance of other platforms in the market, Microsoft opted to expand its territory.

As a result, Microsoft released its extremely successful Office suite for the iPad. This suite which includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, is a premiumware application that is free to download, but requires Office 365 subscription to operate. Microsoft Office for iPad was an instant hit because even iPad users could use the all-familiar applications that they had grown to love.

Microsoft recently released its update for the iPad platform. This new update brings a host of new features to Word, Excel and PowerPoint that were absent in earlier versions of operating system. The notable additions to the feature include Export to PDF, Presenter View and many other features. Export-to-PDF, third-party font support and new tool to crop and resize photos are available in all the applications in the software suite.

Presenter View

Microsoft Office For iPad First Update

You will find the Export-to-PDF option in the Share menu, and the ability to add third-party fonts is available in the Fonts menu. The Picture Tools comes up by default when you try to add a picture into your document. It lets you resize, crop and even reset the image to its initial settings. While these additional features are common to all the updates, there are several specific updates for different software. PowerPoint v1.1 app for iPad enables its users to enable Presenter View when projecting to another screen. Adding audios and videos to the native version was missing, and the updated feature has restored this function. Another update worthy of mentioning is the pen and eraser setting which lets you make annotations on your iPad during presentation.

Excel v1.1 app for iPad

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Microsoft To Launch Head Band To Help The Blind

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As per the recent reports, Microsoft is working on a new wearable device to help the visually impaired navigate their surroundings. This would actually be a band that can be worn around the head to help the blind people.

Upon hearing this, several users started checking the Microsoft support page to know about the authenticity of this news. A detailed report about this head band was published in the Sunday times and it said that the information is passed on from the sensors that are placed on any items such as buildings to a receiver in the band. As a result, this will help the visually impaired to easily find their way through staircases, escalators etc.

Known as Alice Band, this has beentermed as a project that Microsoft has been working in association with the Guide Dogs for the Blind in a Cities Unlocked Project. As stated in the Microsoft support page, this project is a part of the government-backed Future Cities Catapult in UK. Actually, the launching of Alice Band is one of the seven Catapults launched by the UK’s Technology Strategy Board that focuses on developing world-leading innovations in various specialist areas.

Although there has been news about the Alice Band, the project is still in the research and testing stages and more details are yet to be revealed. Almost two years ago, Guide Dogs had explained about this innovative and extremely useful concept in a video that was produced in association with Microsoft UK. However, since that time, the software giant had been keeping quiet about the developments in the launching of the band. Now, at a recent press meet in UK, Microsoft has confirmed about the launching of the band.

Google Glass

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Although Alice Band would be the first wearable band launched by Microsoft, chances are less that it would be the first to hit the market. This is because this head band is considered to be a part of the research market and as a result it won’t be available commercially. Hence, it can also be concluded that Microsoft will soon launch an alternative to Google Glass, which has been getting really popular in the market. Once Microsoft launches such a product, it is certain that it would pose stiff competition to its counterpart.

In public opinion, Microsoft needs to be applauded for venturing into such a mission to help the visually impaired. Moreover, it will also help the company to strengthen its worldwide supremacy in the tech field.

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Setting Up Reminders In Windows 7

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Microsoft Support

Windows 7 computers can help you stay organized without letting you miss your important meetings, birthdays and such. The Microsoft tech support tips that are shared below will help you know how to set a reminder in the Windows 7 computer.

Step 1

Click on the Start menu and type task in the Search box. You will have to hit the Enter key to reach Task Scheduler because as soon as you type Task Scheduler or Schedule Tasks will appear in the results above the window. Right click on Task Scheduler and select Run as administrator. If you are prompted, type in the admin password and select the Continue or Yes button to proceed.

Step 2

In the Task Scheduler window, choose the Create basic task option from Action menu. In the Name box, type in the desired name for your reminder.

Step 3

Click on the radio button that is located beside One Time, in the Task Trigger window. You can choose the Daily option, if the meeting is after a week. For the calendar based reminder task, you can choose options from Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or One Time. You may click on the Next button when you are done selecting the option for the reminder.

Step 4

Start Menu

Microsoft Help

If you select any of the options from Daily, Weekly or Monthly, you will be able to see Recur every box. You can type in the number of days for which you wish to place the reminder to repeat in the box. When you are finished, you can hit the Next button. In the Action screen, you can click on the radio button that is located beside Display a message. Click on the Next button again.

Step 5

On the next screen that is displayed, Windows 7 will remind you about the reminder details that you are currently setting. Finally, click on the Finish button to save the changes that you have made. You can now exit the Task Scheduler window. Windows 7 will display a pop-up reminder at the specified time. If you are clicking or typing on an active window, the reminder may not be shown at the top.

These are the simple steps to set up a reminder in the Windows 7 program. If you wish to know further on the steps to set up a reminder in the Windows 7 program, you can contact the Microsoft tech support team.


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