Reinstalling Remote Assistance In Windows XP

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Windows XP is one of the older Windows versions that people are still using. Even though the mainstream support and the extended support have ended for the OS, there are plenty of people using the same risking their computers to potential threats. One of the best features in Windows XP is the Remote Assistance option available. With the help of this option, you can let Microsoft tech support desk technicians work on your computer from their end. All you need to do is enable this option in the computer and establish a connection with the technician. Once that is over, you would not have much to do, the technician will take care of the rest.


  • Click on the Start button, from the Start menu, select the Control Panel. From the Control Panel window, select the Add/Remove Programs icon and then Windows Components. Select the option Remote Desktop. In case you want remote assistance installed in the computer, click on the Plus sign that lies next to the Internet Information Services. After which you need to check the option Remote Desktop Web Connection.
  • To continue with the installation of Remote Desktop service, click on Next. Restart the computer once the installation is complete. Though the installation complete, you need to enable it so that tech support representatives and administrators can connect to the system and work on it.

    Tech Support Representatives

  • Go to the desktop, click on the Start button, from the ensuing menu, click on Control Panel. You will find the Performance And Maintenance icon in the next window, open the same. From the list of options available, click on System. This opens another window consisting of the System Information.
  • Look for the Remote tab and click on the same. In order to allow technicians access to your computer, you need to have the option Allow Remote Assistance Invitations To Be Sent From This Computer checked. This option lets the tech support representative to control and work on your computer. Click on Ok in order to save the changes made.

Since Windows XP no longer receives any patches or security updates, it is best to consider purchasing a latest OS at this juncture. If you are interested in purchasing a touch centric OS, you can purchase Windows 8. On the other hand, you can wait until 2015 since the big release is yet to happen. Microsoft is currently developing the latest Windows 10 OS, which would support both touch centric and traditional computers swiftly. Contact our Microsoft tech support desk for help on how to upgrade to the latest version.

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Methods To Fix Windows Media Player Issues

Microsoft Tech Support

Windows Media Player (WMP) can be termed as a media library application launched by Microsoft that allows the users to play audio and video files on their computers and Windows mobile based devices. The application also comprises of several interesting options such as supporting the full media arrangement and also there are numerous Tiles, Icons, and Details etc. for Music, Pictures as well as Videos. Also, the users can contact the Microsoft tech support team to fix all issues related to the Windows Media Player application.

Sometimes, certain issues can crop up in this program that can prevent you from accessing it. In such cases, you can try the following troubleshooting methods before opting to contact a technician.

Close other programs

Sometimes, when you have a lot of programs opened at the same time, it would lead to the slow performance of the Windows Media Player in your system. Hence, closing some of these programs, especially the ones you don’t require as much, is an effective method to fix the Media Player issues.

Restarting the program

Although restarting Windows Media Player may seem to be a silly option, sometimes it actually works. By closing and restarting the program, you might be able to fix the technical issues associated with the application. Also, restarting your Windows PC is also a good option. This is because if your computer has been running for a long time, you may also experience resource depletion. By restarting your computer, the available memory of the system gets refreshed and allows the smooth running of the programs like the Windows Media Player.

File compatibility

Microsoft Fix It Support

Even though Windows Media Player is compatible with a wide variety of video and audio formats, it doesn’t support all of them. For Example, you may not be able to run files that have Matroska container format or .mkv. For this, you need to have a separate player that supports the format. Hence, avoiding such file formats on your Windows Media Player can help you prevent the issues associated with the application.

Microsoft Fix It

As mentioned earlier, you can always contact the Microsoft tech support team to fix issues related to the Windows Media Player. But, if contacting the technician every time isn’t a feasible option for you, you can visit the Microsoft fix it support page to get solutions.

By following these methods, you can successfully troubleshoot and fix the Windows Media Player issues. To get more assistance on the same, you may contact our tech support team.

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Clip Art Removed To Favor Bing Images

Microsoft Support Page

Clip Art is a collection of images and icons that can be used in PowerPoint and Word documents. It was very much liked by students and professionals around the world as it could fit very easily to any presentations, making them more interesting and visually appealing. It is very much easy to insert Clip Art into Word and PowerPoint documents. There is sad news for the lovers of Clip Art. It is now discontinued to favor Bing images.

In one of their blog posts, Microsoft announced that they are shutting their Clip Art library. This move from Microsoft is to favor the Bing Images. The users will be able to download royalty free images that can be used in their presentations and documents. “The change will only impact scenarios where a user searches to insert new art into their work. The experience will be the same as it is today, except that the images being searched and pulled for the user will not come from Clip Art, but rather from Bing Images filtered for Creative Commons licensing.” “Usage of Office’s image library has been declining year-to-year as customers rely more on search engines,” a Microsoft Office blog post said.

Microsoft Office Blog

This post announced the death of the characters that won the hearts of many of the students and professionals around the world in early 2000s. As per the Microsoft support page, Bing images will be offering “higher quality images that are more up-to-date.” In this page an example is also cited, which is a comparison of Clip Art cell phones and modern images. There is no difference in using Bing Images. The steps are same as using Clip Art. In Office 2013, users can click on the Insert button and then choose Online pictures. In the old versions, Insert and Clip art will do the trick.

Obviously, Microsoft has done this to favor Bing images, but the users will be missing ClipArt. There are many users who liked ClipArt very much and they will be missing these cute icons and images. We can hope that these changes are for the best. Anyway, the users will be missing the iconic screen beans that fit effortlessly into the presentation, despite the topic. To know more on this news, you can visit the Microsoft support page.

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Procedure To Install The Latest IE In Your Windows System

Microsoft Tech Support

Internet Explorer is one of the most popular web browsers in the software universe. It allows fast and secure internet search. You might require upgrading your IE version. This Microsoft tech support guide will help you out with that.

Before you try installing the latest IE in your Windows powered system, first, you need to determine the version you have on your system at present. Here is how you can do that:

  • First, launch Internet Explorer.
  • Then, from the top of the browser tool bar, you need to click on Help.
  • Then, from the drop down panel you need to select About Internet Explorer.

You will see a window appear displaying the version number of IE installed in your system.

Here are the Microsoft tech support instructions on how you can upgrade Internet Explorer:

  • First, you need to save your work and close all programs on your computer.
  • Then, launch Internet Explorer.
  • Then, from the top of the browser tool bar, you need to click on Tools.
  • After that, from the drop down panel you need to select Windows Update, which will show the Microsoft Windows Update web page.
  • Then, on the resulting web page, you need to click on the Product Updates.
  • Thereafter, you need to scroll down to the next page and check the box beside latest version of Internet Explorer.
  • Then, you need to click on the blue download arrow. After that, you need to confirm your selection on the Download Checklist web page.

    Microsoft Windows Update

  • Then, you need to click on Start Download. Then, click on the Yes button in the License Agreement window that appears.
  • Then, you will see a gray panel entitled Microsoft Windows Update, which will appear while the setup program is being downloaded to your hard disk.
  • After that, once again, you will see a white and blue License Agreement panel, which will appear on the download screen. You need to accept the agreement and then, click on the Next button.
  • You can choose the Install Now – Typical set of components and then click on the Next button.
  • You will see that at this point, an installation progress window will appear on the screen while the upgrade proceeds for some more minutes.

When the upgrade is finished installing, you need to click on Yes for restarting your system.


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IE Launcher Released From Microsoft

Microsoft Support Page

Microsoft has recently released the Internet Explorer Developer Channel browser. This version of web browser is primarily meant for developers and users who wish to see the list of features that will be supported by the company’s latest Web platform. With the introduction of the latest developer-friendly web browser, Microsoft has finally joined the list of companies that offer early developer-centric builds of its web-browser. Until now, Google and Mozilla were among the only few major companies that released this version of web-browser.

Developers or users who wish to run the Developer Channel of Internet Explorer can do so from their Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 powered computer using the internet Explorer 11. Only this particular version of the Web browser has been suited for developer friendly internet Explorer versions. Contact our Microsoft support page to find out more about the developer channel.

The release of the Developer Channel marks the first time the Redmond Giant released a specialized channel that would provide early information about the upcoming features released by Microsoft. By a combination of change in code as well as virtualization, Microsoft Inc is able to run this software alongside Internet Explorer. In contrast, other companies have regularly released Developer Channel to their respective browser versions.

In one of its official blogs on features of Internet Explorer, Microsoft wrote, “”IE Developer Channel can run alongside and independently of IE11, and has all of the browser features that you love in IE11, as well as the latest platform features we’re working on.” Moreover, Microsoft Inc has promised improvements to the f12 Developer Tools in the Developer Channel, and has added that these will exceed the list of features Microsoft had revealed before.

Microsoft Inc

Other features of the Developer Channel of Internet Explorer include a better debugging experience using event breakpoints and multi-dimensional timeline filter. Moreover, in order to assist developers, this channel will sport many more Keyboard Shortcuts than usual web browsers. Moreover, Xbox controller support for HTML5 and web gaming is also included in this version.

As an ending note, Microsoft added “As we work on new features and standards, we will continue to share early code through the IE Developer Channel. You [Developers] can always go to the dev channel web page to learn more about the latest features in the IE Developer Channel”.

If you have any queries regarding the newly released Developer channel, you may contact our Microsoft support page. Our support staff will help you with any sort of issue that you may encounter.

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