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While using different Microsoft applications, we are likely to face certain errors or problems, which is quite natural. Since internet has become an inevitable part of our lives, it is quite easy to sort things online. We need not worry anymore about our applications being in trouble. We could solve any or all issues readily by contacting the technical support team that offers help 24/7. We could simply sit at the comfort of our homes and relax while the technician remotely connects to our computers and fix the issues for us.

A majority of software companies that we find today offer technical assistance. You would have heard about Microsoft tech support. You can contact the support team via email, phone or chat. This can be considered as an easier way to handle a technical problem. Even if the technician is miles away from you, he/she could connect remotely to your computer and take control of the computer. The technician who offers support would be highly trained and would be an expert in this field. He would easily fix the issue that you are facing.

When you visit the support page of a software company, you would have to create an account as well as an ID. After logging in using the same, you will find a page where different problems and their solutions will be found. You can go through the same and find the one that matches your problem. Even after following the given troubleshooting steps, if you are not able to fix it, you can go to the next page where you will be able to interact with a technical expert.

You will be able to find chat sessions where you can type in your problem and the technician will give you instructions. Before initiating the troubleshooting steps, you will have to fill in boxes with your information and about the issue that you are facing. Based on the same, the technician will offer you assistance. They can even offer remote assistance if the instructions are difficult to follow.

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Help From Microsoft Tech Support

If you are not a tech savvy person, the technical support team can be considered as a helping hand. They could help fix your issue after hearing your concern. You can avoid the hassle of hiring a technician to come to your home because you could easily get it fixed online with the help of a technical expert. You could contact Microsoft tech support in case you need assistance with your computer related issues.

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Microsoft Getting Ready To End Support For Old Versions Of IE

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If you are using Internet Explorer browser on your computer, then it is advisable to upgrade it to the latest version available for your operating system. This is because Microsoft has decided to drop the support for the older versions of Internet Explorer from January 2016. This means, the software giant will have fewer browser versions to take care of. Microsoft has already begun a 17-month long campaign in this regard and this aims to upgrade the Internet Explorer versions running on computers.

According to the Microsoft support page, it is advisable to make the upgrade installation through the Windows Update. When you initiate a Windows update, it searches your computer for all outdated Microsoft programs. Therefore, if you were running an old version of Internet Explorer, it would be replaced with the latest version with the update.

Microsoft says that commercial customers should verify the working of the browser with the configurations and apps running on their machines. This testing will help them to find out the programs and apps that work with the browser and the ones that do not. Once the cut-off date is over, that is, after January 12, 2016, the company would provide support only for the following combinations of operating systems and Internet Explorer versions: Windows 8.1 that has IE 11 installed in it, Windows 7 SP 1 that has IE11 in it and Windows Vista SP with IE9.

Microsoft Technical Forums

Microsoft IE Versions

In case of Windows Servers, Microsoft has said that after the end of support date, the company would support only the following combinations of Servers and browsers: Windows Server 2012 R2 with IE 11, Windows Server 2012 with IE 10, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP 1 with IE 11 and Windows Server 2008 SP2 with IE 9. So, how are the new changes going to benefit the end user? According to the Roger Capriotti, with the new changes, the company would be able to provide better security for the browsers. He comes up with the findings of NSS labs as proof. A study by the lab showed that IE8 was capable of avoiding malicious programs to 69 percent while in the case of IE 11, it was 99 percent.

Besides the security improvements, users will have browsers that are faster than the older versions. So, if you are using Internet Explorer, download the latest version of the program and install it on your PC. For more details on this issue, you may go through the Microsoft support page or visit Microsoft technical forums.

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Gaming Services For Gaming Consoles On Windows 7 Home Network

Microsoft Point

Microsoft Point Allowance

Mentioned here is some information about online gaming services from Microsoft. In case you are using Windows 7 home network and you have connected the gaming consoles, you can immediately opt for online gaming services. The online gaming service offered by Microsoft enables a head-to-head play, games download, shopping, and Microsoft chat and browsing.

There are a number of play stations available like the PlayStation, Wii and Xbox console games, built to play online. However, there is a limitation to this as not all the gaming consoles are designed to play online. It is important to check out the feature and specifications online and make sure if they have the ability to play online. If is it possible to play online with the console, it will be specified in the user manual.

Microsoft Xbox Live

The Xbox live allows you to use Xbox 360 to get in touch with online friends, download games and play them, access games quickly , movies, music and much more. Microsoft Xbox does not have Xbox Live available anymore. Some of the Xbox Live Versions that are available are as follows.

Xbox Live Free

Xbox Live Free is a basic service that is available, earlier known as Xbox Live Silver. This enables you to voice chat, get a sample of games, watch movies and television programs in HD, download games, add-ons and build Avatars and Gametag.

Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft Xbox Live

Microsoft Xbox Live Features

Xbox Live Gold includes the most important feature called the party chat along with Microsoft chat, gaming, streaming movies, multiplayer gaming, and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and sports channel like ESPN and many more features. However, to stream movies, you would require a Netflix subscription and to watch television needs Sky Player subscription. The Xbox Live Gold is not a free service; you would have to pay an amount of about 10 dollars every month or about 60 dollars for a whole year.

Xbox Live Gold also has the family subscription option called the Xbox Live Gold Family Pack. This will let you manage your family’s settings and membership with ease. You will be able to have a check on their usage, get discounts for the family and earn points called the Microsoft Point Allowance. This family membership costs around 100 dollars that include about four accounts of Xbox live Gold.

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Latest Patch Tuesday Update Triggers System Crashes- Report

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Windows users have been instructed by Microsoft not to install the latest Patch Tuesday update due to unexpected errors popping up. It has been reported that those users who installed the update are experiencing undesired system crashes or similar problems. Reports suggest that this is not the first time users are experiencing system crashes due to flawed patches. In the past, several of Windows Patch Tuesday updates had caused system crashes.

Microsoft offers solution to evade system crashes due to Patch Tuesday

In the wake of issues resulting from the installation of the latest Patch Tuesday update, the tech giant has instructed all Windows users who have installed the update to uninstall them as early as possible. Reports suggest that users are instructed to uninstall all the update files. If they already knew which files are causing the issue, they could uninstall the problematic files in the Patch Tuesday update.

Microsoft assures users with support for addressing the issue

Microsoft announced that it would offer all possible support to the users to address the issue instantly. On its recently launched Patch Tuesday page in Microsoft support page, the tech giant updated that it would start investigating the issue as early as possible. It said that the issues with the update had been diagnosed and the solutions are being developed. The company further said that it would release the updated details in the next bulletin, which is slated to be released soon.

Patch Tuesday Page

Microsoft Help And Support

As per the instructions in the latest bulletin, if users are seeing any issues after the installation of the Patch Tuesday update, they are supposed to uninstall it as early as possible. To avoid further instances of users downloading and installing the problematic Patch Tuesday update, the tech giant has removed it from its download page.

The update titled MS14-045, which was rolled out a couple of weeks ago, was intended to help users address a number of security issues. But, the update turned out to be problem maker rather than a problem solver, similar to many of the Patch Tuesday updates.

Critics say that Microsoft is not taking the Patch Tuesday updates seriously and pointed out the issues with the update as the evidence for the carelessness. Since its start, Patch Tuesday updates were causing issues. Although Microsoft support page assures users with immediate solutions, it appears that users have to wait longer until they can download and install a solution for the problem.

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How To Run Microsoft Fix It Tool

Microsoft Tech Support

Fix Microsoft Issues

If you were using Windows operating system, you would have encountered some issues with it at some point of time. Errors with operating systems are common. Some of the common errors that can come up in an operating system are errors with CD/DVD, sound issues, program compatibility issues, printer issues, virus issues, slow browser issues etc. Now, if you do not know the basic troubleshooting steps to fix these issues, you will have to seek the help of a technical support firm.

Another option is to contact Microsoft tech support to fix the issues with the operating system. The support website of Microsoft offers fixes to most of the troubles associated with the operating systems. The website lists numerous common Microsoft errors and provides solutions for it. You may fix the issues by following the steps mentioned in the solution.

Now, what will you do if you do not wish to troubleshoot the issue manually? Microsoft still provides help for you with its Fix It tools. Fix It tools are designed to address various Microsoft issues associated with the operating system and its various components. In this post, we will find out how to use the Windows Fix It tool to fix your operating system issues.

Steps Involved

  • The first step is to launch your computer’s internet browser and navigate to the official support page of Microsoft.
  • When you are in the official support page, enter ‘Fix It’ in the search section.
  • From the search results, go to the page for Fix It.

    Microsoft fix it

    Microsoft Online Support

  • When you are in the ‘Fix It’ page, you will find different options to choose. The first section is ‘Select a problem area’. For instance, if you are having troubles with your internet explorer browser, click the icon for ‘Internet Explorer’.
  • The second section is ‘What are you trying to do?‘ You will find different problem areas associated with the browser. Here, choose the appropriate area related to the issue. When you choose a particular area, another box pops up to the right of the Windows, which would further give you different options to narrow down your issue.
  • Choose the appropriate section and the third heading is ‘View or run solutions for’. Under this section, you may choose the exact issue, select the ‘Run Now’ button next to it, and fix the issue.

We hope that the above steps have helped you to run Microsoft Fix It tools to resolve the issue associated with your operating system. For further assistance, you may go through Microsoft tech support blogs or contact our technical support team.

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