Procedure To Install Windows Office In Your System

Microsoft Office

MS Office suite is a collection of programs, applications and services developed by the software maker, Microsoft Corporation. Actually, installing Office on a laptop, system or notebook is not much different. You can do it by following the same steps. The only thing you need to consider is the fact that there are some low-end or older systems having much smaller hard drives that may limit the quality of data that can be written to hard disk. Even then if you have enough space, you will be able to set up a customized install for loading only the vital applications or features to the laptop to alleviate the amount of space Office takes up on the hard disk.

  • First, you need to insert the Microsoft Office media disc into the DVD drive of your system. Then, you need to click on Start followed by Computer. You need to double click on the disc drive in case Windows fails to launch setup.
  • After that, you need to type in your product key when prompted and then click on Continue. Then you will have to read the license terms and then click on I Accept the Terms of This Agreement. Then, you need to click on Continue
  • In the next step, you need to click on the Customize button and then you need to select the first program or tool from the list and after that, you will be able to choose from Run From My Computer, Run All From My Computer, Installed on First Use or Not Available options available.
  • You have to repeat each step for each application. Then, you need to click Install Now for installing Office to the machine.

    MS Office Suite

  • You need to note that the Run From My Computer installs the main application or tool to the PC but it will not be installing sub-features. Then the Run All From My Computer installs the application and all of its sub features. You need to note that Installed on First Use will not install the application or the tool to the computer until it is accessed and the bootable DVD may be needed at that time, and the Not Available means that the feature is not available for installation on the system.

There you go; you have installed Microsoft Office in your system. You can now enjoy all the features available in the suite.

Now You Can Call And Chat From The Browser With Skype

Microsoft Chat

The beta version of Microsoft Skype for Web browsers has come out finally. This will enable Skype users to chat with their family and friends from the web browser they usually use. Microsoft is planning to roll out Skype Web full version soon. The beta version is restricted to a lesser number of testers. They will have access to voice and video calling along with the instant messaging services. The best part is that all these services will be available to them through the browser. It is not imperative that you download the software to use Skype. Skype for Web is awaiting its worldwide release.

In one of the blog posts about the release of the product, Jonathan Watson, the marketing manager for Skype, said that Skype for web would be the apt app for people who are on the go. They need not install the app in order to use it on public computers. Most of them prefer not to use an app; So, this is apt for such people as well. This will enhance the Microsoft chat experience in Skype.

Skype for web works on the basis of invitation-only. Users will be able to use Skype for Web only when they receive an invitation from Skype or when you log in to your Skype account. In order to use voice and video chat, users will have to install a plug-in in the browser. But the software giant said that the Skype team and the Internet Explorer team are working together in order to develop an ORTC.

Microsoft Skype

ORTC is one of the APIs that support the interoperability of video calling and audio calling services. Currently Firefox and Google are utilizing an API called WebRTC. But, along with the software giant, other technological companies think that the WebRTC API is way too complicated to use. Hence they are looking for other options in order to integrate video and voice chatting.

It is expected that Internet Explorer would be receiving ORTC implementation. This means that people using Internet Explorer will not have to install the plug-in to carry out video and voice conversation. It is not confirmed if other browsers like Chrome, Safari and many more would get this benefit where it would not be a necessity to install the plug-in. Linux users can use Skype for Web, which is limited only to Microsoft chat and text messaging.

How To Upgrade To Windows 8.1 For Free


Microsoft, the world’s biggest software producer, had huge hopes for Windows 8. The latest Windows Operating System was supposed to be this new and revolutionary OS, single answer for mobile and desktop OS needs. However, it completely bombed, big time. Instead of being the Windows users’ favorite, it only managed to achieve something disappointingly opposite. Windows 8 is considered as the worst Windows operating system since Windows Vista, as per users and experts.

The next update, Windows 8.1 is the company’s attempt to fix some of the support features and regular Windows features in the latest Windows OS. Read on and you will know more about Windows 8.1 and you can read more details at the Microsoft support page to ensure. Though Windows 8.1 may not fix all the Windows 8 related issues, this is a good start. Here are the features and here is how you download and install it:

Required System necessities: In case you are already using Windows 8, then upgrading to Windows 8.1 is easy. All necessary system requirements are similar to those required for Windows 8 powered computers.

About System Backup: When you upgrade to Windows 8.1, you will be retaining all the critical or important features. Do a system backup. So, you don’t have to lose anything in case some issue occurs.

Bring in and install all latest updates: You should ensure that your internet connection is proper for receiving these updates. Make sure that your system is perfectly equipped with the newest updates, before installing Windows 8.1. Ensure that the new updates installs properly.


Windows 8.1 install: First, go to ‘Start’ screen and then you need to click or tap on ‘Windows Store’. The ‘Windows Store’ consists of the shopping bag of features and you will be able to select Windows 8.1. In case you are not able to see Windows 8.1 option, then you require installing other updates before upgrading the OS.

Restart and then set up: It is always necessary for you to restart or reboot your system when prompted. You will see that when the system restarts, you need to accept the ‘Microsoft software license terms’ and then go on with set up process. All desktop applications will appear (once Windows 8.1 is installed) but you will require reinstalling all the Windows Store applications again.

There you go, now you will be able to start enjoying the Windows 8.1 features. On the Microsoft support page, there are many new features and better tutorials for helping users understand the difficult-to-absorb metro-interface and style. Read all that to make the usability better.

Gartner Report Signals Remarkable Growth For Windows Device Market Share

Hope For Microsoft

A recent report published by Gartner shows that Microsoft’s Windows market share would see remarkable improvements this year. The anticipated market share growth is calculated on the basis of Windows OS use on all types of devices such as laptops, desktops, notebooks, smartphones, etc. According to Microsoft chat support desk, Windows based devices make about 14% of the market share. The Gartner report shows that this will climb to 14.4% by the end of 2015. Likewise, the shipment of the Windows based devices will rise by 7%, making it 355 million pieces.

Errors in Gartner report

It has to be noted that there have been cases of errors in the Gartner report in the past. The major highlight of last year’s Gartner report was that the Windows market share would grow substantially to 14.6%. But it didn’t happen. There weren’t any remarkable improvements in Windows market share last year at all.

Gartner predicts Windows market share will climb to 15.3%

According to Gartner, Windows will make the best growth since 2013 during this year and next year. This growth will mostly be because of Windows 10. Microsoft chat desk also expresses hope that Windows 10 would contribute to the rise of Windows device market share. The good reception that Windows 10 tech preview received and the huge amount of positive reviews about the OS from users are the two factors that have led Gartner to come at this conclusion.

Gartner’s forecast incorrect for Apple too

According to Gartner, Windows will make the best growth since 2013 during this year and next year. This growth will mostly be because of Windows 10. Microsoft chat desk also expresses hope that Windows 10 would contribute to the rise of Windows device market share. The good reception that Windows 10 tech preview received and the huge amount of positive reviews about the OS from users are the two factors that have led Gartner to come at this conclusion.

Gartner’s forecast incorrect for Apple too

Microsoft Chat

Gartner report doesn’t seem to be quite accurate for Apple’s market share. Gartner has said that Apple wouldn’t be able to make any notable market share growth during the 2014. But year-end reports show that Apple’s market share growth during 2014 was remarkable. During the last months of 2014, Apple’s market share was 11%. During the year, Apple could sell about 256.6 million devices.

After considering the growth that Apple made during 2014, Gartner has come up with a new prediction for the OS. It says that Apple will make a growth of 11.3% in 2015.

Gartner’s prediction for Android

According to the Gartner forecast, Android will be dominating the device market share in 2015. Gartner was quite accurate in predicting the Android devices’ dominance in 2014. As per the last year’s forecast, Android devices would make about 57.4% of the market share.

Try The New MS Office For Android Preview App

Microsoft Office

Microsoft is currently working on a Microsoft Office app for the Android operating system. For the time being, there is a free preview version available to the users, who can download this app from the Google Play store to their system. Already, thousands of users have downloaded and started using this app in their Android smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft makes MS Office Preview available to more Android users

Initially, Microsoft restricted the availability of the MS Office for Android beta version to only those, who are registered with the Office Google Community. The Android users were required to sign up for this and then make a request for the Microsoft Office beta app for Android. A web-link for downloading the beta version will then be sent to a selected number of Android users.

Microsoft was planning to make the Preview version available to a less number of users, before they fix all the issues and release the final version for all users. However, according to Microsoft, the response they got for the announcement has been overwhelming. It has now become clear that many Android users are willing to use the beta version MS Office app, even though the final version is not yet ready.

This has prompted Microsoft to expand the availability of MS Office app for Android to more Android users. Now, the beta version Office app is available to all Android users running the KitKat version or higher with screen sizes ranging between 7 and 10.1 inches. Also, there is no need for signing up to the Office Google Community anymore. You can download the apps directly from the Google Play store.

However, you need to keep in mind that the MS Office suite app is not ready yet. Instead, you will see three MS Office Preview apps for MS Word, PowerPoint and MS Excel. You can download and install these Preview apps from the Google Play store.

MS Office Suite

You will notice that only the basic functions and features are available in these MS Office preview apps. You can create or read an office document and do a bit of editing to make some necessary changes. But, most of the other features will be locked.

You have to subscribe to the Office 365 service to gain access to all the remaining options and features. Microsoft is clearly attempting to promote their cloud-based services like Office 365 on rival OS platforms like Android with these apps.

End Of Support For Windows XP Does Not Stop Many Users From Using It

Microsoft Support Page

Microsoft Windows XP, the most popular OS of the last decade, is no more supported by the software giant Microsoft Corporation. The Microsoft support page reads the obituary of the old software. Windows XP was undoubtedly one of the best OS in the family of Windows operating systems. The OS was really solid and awesome when it comes to the features offered. Considering the time it existed, it was really futuristic, simple and easily usable. Most Windows users would consider Microsoft Windows XP the quintessential OS. Windows XP was how an operating system should be according to many Windows XP fans and experts.

The fact that the OS lived so long, thirteen years to be precise, proves that it was obviously very good. Windows XP is the OS that most users preferred using in the last decade. We are not just talking about Microsoft developed operating systems, even comparing the operating systems developed by other companies. Windows XP is simple, user friendly, secure and users just loved it and some love it even now. No wonder there are millions clinging on to the old OS even when the Microsoft support page highlights the drawbacks of using it post end of support.

The (EOS) end of support is a software lifecycle term referring to the death of the software. The software maker will not be offering any kind of support, either free or paid, to any Windows XP users. The EOS happened more than six months before and even now, there are many users who are still using it.

End Of Support

The Windows XP support termination means the computer is really unsecure. Users will not be receiving the security patches needed to guard the computer against malicious coders and other things that can cause the computer harm. So, when you use Windows XP, your information is not safe and you will have to spend much time securing the system using antivirus software and such.

The main reason why the company wants users to move to newer operating systems is the fact that an unsupported system is highly unsafe not only for Windows XP users, but even for other users. This is because when users access the internet using a Windows XP device, he or she can pass the malicious programs over the internet. Internet is used by all kinds of OS users.

Hence, it is best to move on to any new Windows OS, not just for you, but considering the security of other users.

What Can You Expect In Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Support Page

Microsoft has been into the hardware market for some years now and Surface tablets are one of their major endeavors in the hardware segment. After the release of three versions of Surface tablets, Microsoft is getting ready to release Surface Pro 4.

According to the industry experts, the new tablet can be of bigger size compared to its predecessors. That is, you can expect the tablet to be as big as 14 inches. This is because all the competitors have released devices with bigger screen sizes and Microsoft cannot do something different now. Another feature that you can look forward to in this device is its processor. According to Microsoft support page, the tablet will feature the latest processor, which would bring out the best performance. Keep in mind that after the release of Surface Pro 3, we saw the release of new Core M processors from Intel. The major feature of these processors was the absence of cooling fans, which in turn helped manufacturers save space on their devices. Many people believe that Surface Pro 4 could feature the Core M processor in it.

Apart from all these features, you can expect the device to feature Windows 10 in it. At present, Microsoft has released the technical preview of the operating system. During the release of the operating system, Microsoft had made it clear that the operating system would be released in such a manner that it would run on all types of devices. Therefore, experts believe that Surface Pro 4 would definitely feature this operating system.

Technical Support

According to Android Origin, “Some have speculated that Microsoft will likely unveil the Surface Pro 4 alongside Windows 10, coinciding with its release date,” and that “On top of that, the Surface Pro 4 may very well be one of the first devices that comes straight out of the box running this latest Windows update. Windows 10 is speculated to be launching at some point in late 2015, so we’ll probably have to wait almost another year to see the next addition to the Surface range, but it should be well worth the wait.”

At this point, it is good to remember the blog post in Microsoft support page that says, “We are pleased to share that the following Surface Pro 3 accessories are designed with our product roadmap in mind and will be compatible with the next generation of the ‘Pro’ line Surface.” So, we need not expect much hardware changes with Surface Pro 4. For more information on the new tablet, you may contact our technical support team.

HP Announces Support For Office 365 Business Services

Microsoft Office

As per the recent reliable reports, HP has announced the sale of Microsoft Office 365 along with HP services as a single enterprise package. The company announced this at the HP’s Discover conference a few weeks ago. The latest service from HP i.e. the Enterprise Service for Office 365 provides the subscription to the business customers with HP services, support as well as expanded datacenter location options.

Sources close to the company state that the HP services, which have been made for Office 365, comprise of several options that include front-end planning/advisory services, administration services for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online as well as Lync Online. Also, setting up of these services is allowed in the Microsoft datacenters and this comprises of the incident and problem management options, the options to change management services and also services for reporting the overall performance.

The HP agreement related to Office 365 also allows the software giant to host certain cloud services in HP’s datacenters that start with Exchange Online. The latest services thus aim at attracting more business professionals towards it and thus help in increasing the user share. Also, HP has touted the bundle to be one of the best services for the customers who use the business version, as the features can help in increasing the overall productivity of the enterprises.

As stated by HP, “This gives you a single, cloud-based solution with end-to-end accountability from the two largest providers in the industry. The agreement allows HP to comprehensively manage Office 365 and related HP services for enterprise customers. This agreement also allows agreed-upon HP datacenters to be used by Microsoft for Office 365 email hosting.”

Microsoft Datacenters

The company had announced a four year agreement around Microsoft Office 365 three years ago. This was mainly intended to sell the public and private-cloud solutions built around Office as well as the other on-premises server counterparts. Compared to this, the recently announced agreement can be seen as an extension of the existing one and one that would increase the number of business professionals preferring the service. Sources close to HP also suggest that the company has more than forty eight thousand Microsoft trained professionals on staff along with its service that supports almost 1 million SharePoint seats.

Hence, the recent announcement will definitely enhance the quality of features that the business professionals will get by using Office 365 products. It can also be said that more such interesting updates might be launched into the HP bundle in the future.

Skype Chat Added To Office Online Web Apps

Microsoft Chat

The users of Google Drive and Documents have been able to make use of features like real time chat with other users of the service while using Google documents. Microsoft has been trying to push their Office programs like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel to the cloud. This has increased the popularity of these applications and many users are now tempted to try these programs. Now the users of Office Online are capable of communicating through the built-in Skype chat program. This is one of the latest changes that have been brought to Office Online and this change is very much welcomed by the users.

Microsoft has now announced in their Office blog that they will be adding the chat functionality into the programs in the coming weeks, but this will be added to the PowerPoint and Word web apps. For the time being, Excel and OneNote are offered the chat functionality. After the Office Online updates go live, the users just have to click on the Chat button that is located at the top right corner of the window to begin the communication with the collaborators. The chat conversations will be displayed in a typical sidebar window. This will offer easy access to discuss the edits with your colleagues.

Microsoft Support Blogs

Those users who are familiar with the chat function in OneDrive and will feel very much comfortable in the latest versions and the additional features. Microsoft can be late in taking decisions but the Skype powered messaging client from Microsoft tops that of Google Drive in many ways. The document based chat of Drive will not carry over to Hangouts or any other platform of Google, but this is not the case with Office. Chats in Office web apps will be synchronized to the Skype service and this is obviously a great feature. This means that the users will be able to open the Skype app on their desktop computers or mobile handsets and review or continue messaging even after closing the Office document.

Some of the above details were offered by the Microsoft chat support team. If you wish to know more on the features and updates that are introduced in the Office programs, you can contact the Microsoft chat support team. They will be able to help you know more on the latest features and updates. You can also refer to the Microsoft support blogs for all latest news.

Instructions For Moving Lotus Notes Emails To Outlook

Microsoft Office

Lotus Notes and MS Outlook are two different email client applications. Lotus Notes, which is currently known as IBM notes, offers excellent security features throughout your email communications. It offers maximum protection from Junk mails (spam) and better folder management options. However, when it comes to ease of use, Outlook outperforms Lotus Notes. Being part of Microsoft Office suite, Outlook is equipped with several advanced features. Over the years, Outlook has managed to become the most popular email client application out there leaving its competitors like Lotus Notes and Thunderbird far behind.

How to switch to MS Outlook from Lotus Notes?

Because Outlook is quite popular and most companies/organizations use it for internal communication, a lot of people want to switch from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook. If you have been a long time user of Lotus Notes but wish to switch to MS Outlook now, you can do it without losing any of your email data. Nonetheless, you should understand that both Outlook and Lotus Notes use entirely different formats for file storage. While Outlook uses PST files to store the email data, Lotus Notes uses the NSF format.

Hence, if you are planning to switch to Outlook from Lotus Notes, you must transfer the NSF file to Outlook’s PST format. Moreover, you must ensure that you have both Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes installed in the PC. Once the data transfer is over, you can uninstall Lotus Notes.


  • Open Lotus Notes and navigate to the Mail tab.
  • Choose File from the resulting menu. This will display another submenu. Select Export from the submenu to proceed.
  • Wait for the Export wizard to load. When it is loaded, set the export format to Tabular Text and select the Export button to begin the export process. It may take a few minutes for the Export wizard to export all your Lotus Notes email data. So wait patiently.

    Microsoft Outlook

  • Once the export process is completed, launch Outlook. Go to the Start button and select All Programs. Choose Microsoft Office followed by Outlook from the resulting menu.
  • When Outlook is launched, go to File>Import and Export. When the Import and Export wizard is launched, highlight the file you wish to import (select the file that you exported from Lotus Notes). When the importing is completed, select Finish to exit the wizard.
  • Restart Outlook and you should have all Lotus Notes data transferred there.

You have moved your Lotus Notes data to MS Outlook. Outlook is an excellent application for email communications. Feel free to contact our Outlook support desk in case you face any similar problems.