Latest Patch Tuesday Update Triggers System Crashes- Report

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Windows users have been instructed by Microsoft not to install the latest Patch Tuesday update due to unexpected errors popping up. It has been reported that those users who installed the update are experiencing undesired system crashes or similar problems. Reports suggest that this is not the first time users are experiencing system crashes due to flawed patches. In the past, several of Windows Patch Tuesday updates had caused system crashes.

Microsoft offers solution to evade system crashes due to Patch Tuesday

In the wake of issues resulting from the installation of the latest Patch Tuesday update, the tech giant has instructed all Windows users who have installed the update to uninstall them as early as possible. Reports suggest that users are instructed to uninstall all the update files. If they already knew which files are causing the issue, they could uninstall the problematic files in the Patch Tuesday update.

Microsoft assures users with support for addressing the issue

Microsoft announced that it would offer all possible support to the users to address the issue instantly. On its recently launched Patch Tuesday page in Microsoft support page, the tech giant updated that it would start investigating the issue as early as possible. It said that the issues with the update had been diagnosed and the solutions are being developed. The company further said that it would release the updated details in the next bulletin, which is slated to be released soon.

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As per the instructions in the latest bulletin, if users are seeing any issues after the installation of the Patch Tuesday update, they are supposed to uninstall it as early as possible. To avoid further instances of users downloading and installing the problematic Patch Tuesday update, the tech giant has removed it from its download page.

The update titled MS14-045, which was rolled out a couple of weeks ago, was intended to help users address a number of security issues. But, the update turned out to be problem maker rather than a problem solver, similar to many of the Patch Tuesday updates.

Critics say that Microsoft is not taking the Patch Tuesday updates seriously and pointed out the issues with the update as the evidence for the carelessness. Since its start, Patch Tuesday updates were causing issues. Although Microsoft support page assures users with immediate solutions, it appears that users have to wait longer until they can download and install a solution for the problem.

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How To Run Microsoft Fix It Tool

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Fix Microsoft Issues

If you were using Windows operating system, you would have encountered some issues with it at some point of time. Errors with operating systems are common. Some of the common errors that can come up in an operating system are errors with CD/DVD, sound issues, program compatibility issues, printer issues, virus issues, slow browser issues etc. Now, if you do not know the basic troubleshooting steps to fix these issues, you will have to seek the help of a technical support firm.

Another option is to contact Microsoft tech support to fix the issues with the operating system. The support website of Microsoft offers fixes to most of the troubles associated with the operating systems. The website lists numerous common Microsoft errors and provides solutions for it. You may fix the issues by following the steps mentioned in the solution.

Now, what will you do if you do not wish to troubleshoot the issue manually? Microsoft still provides help for you with its Fix It tools. Fix It tools are designed to address various Microsoft issues associated with the operating system and its various components. In this post, we will find out how to use the Windows Fix It tool to fix your operating system issues.

Steps Involved

  • The first step is to launch your computer’s internet browser and navigate to the official support page of Microsoft.
  • When you are in the official support page, enter ‘Fix It’ in the search section.
  • From the search results, go to the page for Fix It.

    Microsoft fix it

    Microsoft Online Support

  • When you are in the ‘Fix It’ page, you will find different options to choose. The first section is ‘Select a problem area’. For instance, if you are having troubles with your internet explorer browser, click the icon for ‘Internet Explorer’.
  • The second section is ‘What are you trying to do?‘ You will find different problem areas associated with the browser. Here, choose the appropriate area related to the issue. When you choose a particular area, another box pops up to the right of the Windows, which would further give you different options to narrow down your issue.
  • Choose the appropriate section and the third heading is ‘View or run solutions for’. Under this section, you may choose the exact issue, select the ‘Run Now’ button next to it, and fix the issue.

We hope that the above steps have helped you to run Microsoft Fix It tools to resolve the issue associated with your operating system. For further assistance, you may go through Microsoft tech support blogs or contact our technical support team.

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Removing Yahoo Toolbar From Mozilla Firefox


Remove Yahoo Toolbar

Yahoo toolbar is a browser add-on program that was developed and marketed by the popular search engine Yahoo. The main function of the toolbar is to provide search results for the user right from the web browser window without having to navigate to the Yahoo homepage. The toolbar also has some additional features like showing new email messages received in your Yahoo inbox and showing messenger contacts online at the moment etc. However if you are not a user of Yahoo services, you may feel agitated with the toolbar and would want to remove it from your system. Follow the simple instructions provided below for removing the toolbar from your system.


  • Open the Firefox web browser by double clicking on the web browser’s shortcut icon found in the desktop. When the browser window appears on the screen, click on the Tools menu found at the top of the browser window.
  • A drop down menu will now appear on the screen, click on the option labeled as Add-ons or Extensions depending on the version of the web browser installed on your system.
  • A new window will now pop open on the screen showing all add-ons and extensions added to the web browser, look for the Yahoo toolbar in the list by scrolling down through the list populated on the screen. When found, click on the toolbar for selecting it.


    Yahoo Toolbar For Firefox

  • Look for the Uninstall button and then click on the button when found to remove Yahoo toolbar Firefox add-in from your system.
  • If the web browser asks for confirmation to remove Yahoo toolbar Firefox plugin from your system, confirm it.
  • Wait until the process completes and then click on the close button in the add-on manager window for closing it. Now close the web browser and restart it for making the changes permanent.
  • For completely removing Yahoo toolbar and all its contents from your system, you need to remove all the files associated with the toolbar stored in your system. For that, open the Windows Explorer window by double clicking on the My Computer icon and then search for Yahoo toolbar files by typing in Yahoo in the search box.
  • The system will now show the results on the screen select all the files and folders related to the Yahoo toolbar and delete them from the system to remove all the files related to Yahoo toolbar.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to remove the Yahoo toolbar installed with your Firefox web browser.

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Features You Will Find In Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 was probably the most anticipated office software suite in the last few years. Actually, the popular suite of services and applications did live up to its expectation and it has brought many exciting changes, which users will enjoy. Two huge changes, which stands out in new Office is the new and advanced Metro makeover, and much better integration with Windows Live.

The Metro UI look of MS Office 2013 can be best demonstrated by the popular email management software, which comes bundled with it. We are talking about none other than Microsoft Outlook 2013. You will see a better and stream-lined look of this email application. You can observe the new quick reply feature located at the top of the message preview. There are changes to ‘Advanced Rules’ too. The help module will guide you through various Outlook related things. You will learn how to set the Advanced rules, etc. here.

Another application, which has changed quite a bit, is Microsoft Word 2013. In Microsoft Word 2013, you will get to see the new Comment tracking in Office. This feature is better demonstrated in Microsoft Word. This new feature allows comments by more than two authors to be tracked just as in a message board conversation. You can also see the changes in the navigation pane at right. Metro makeover has brought in the minimalist approach, which reflects in the interface and the text display. You will see that the navigation is much clearer and easy to use compared to the previous editions.

Even Excel received some quality changes in terms of one of its functionalities. The change is little, but it does make a difference.

You will see this in the right click context menu for editing.

office software suite

Best Microsoft Office Features

Another change seen is in the Windows 8 on-screen keyboard. This is intended for touch devices allowing users to type without the use of a physical keyboard. Actually, though this is a useful function, it can never be a great replacement for the real keyboard. However, its use is most useful for touch device users, for whom a touch screen keyboard is anyway more convenient, compared to the real keyboard

Talking about the touch screen keyboard brings to mind the most important touch related modification introduced to the newest edition of the Office software. It is the Microsoft Office 2013 Touch Mode.

This touch mode makes visual elements in Office spaced more widely for it to be clearly accessed on a touch screen.

Overall, Office 2013 is touch-screen or Metro UI version of Office 2010 with some new features.

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Directions For Configuring Automatic Windows Update Settings

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Automatic Windows Update

Windows update is a blessing for Windows users. It helps them keep their operating systems up to date and immune to security threats. If you are using a genuine version of Windows OS on your PC, it is advisable to keep the Automatic Windows Update on. If the Automatic Windows Update is enabled, you can be saved from the mess of manually updating Windows from time to time.

Notwithstanding this, if you are with a slow internet connection, keeping Automatic Windows Update enabled can affect your internet browsing. Taking this concern into consideration, Microsoft tech support centre has offered an alternative option. This option allows you to download Windows updates when it pleases you. You can install the downloaded updates whenever you wish. Besides that, you can configure the Windows update settings to receive notifications about new updates. It is also possible to disable Windows updates and notifications. In this article, you will find the steps for customizing your Windows Update Settings.


  • Navigate to the Start button on your PC and choose Control Panel from the menu that appears.
  • Locate Automatic Updates icon in the Control Panel screen and double-click it to open. This will open a new window where you will see options for configuring your Windows update settings.
  • Find the option labelled Automatic in the dialogue box and click the circle next to it. This will enable Windows to download all new updates and install them automatically. You can set the frequency for installing the downloaded updates by selecting the drop boxes next to Time.

    Microsoft Server

    Windows Tech Support

  • If you do not want Windows to install the downloaded updates, locate and select the circle close to the link that says Download, but let me choose when to install. This will instruct Windows to alert you when new updates are available. You can decide whether to install the updates or not after reviewing each update and its purpose.
  • If you don’t want to download or install updates but wish to know about all the updates that become available in future, select the circle before the link Notify me, but don’t download or install.

According to the Microsoft tech support desk, installation of Windows Update is mandatory to keep the Windows OS safe, secure and up to date. If it is possible by any means, install latest Windows updates. If you have missed out any important updates, it is possible to retrieve them from the Microsoft server later.

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