Surface Mini Tablets Might Really Be Ready For Release

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Many of you might have heard several rumors about Microsoft’s Surface Mini tablets. Even though there has not been any official word from Microsoft yet about this tablet, it now seems that the tablet really exists. The user manual released for Surface Pro 3 is the base for these strong beliefs. In the Surface Pro 3 manual, you can find that it is written Surface Mini at several places. The Surface Pro 3 manual is available for viewing at the official website of Microsoft.

The usage of Surface Mini at several places in the user manual was first found out by Microsoft blogger, Paul Thurrott. He tweeted, “There are Surface Mini references all over the Surface Pro 3 User Guide.” In one of the mentions, it says, “If you want to do more than take a quick handwritten note, unlock Surface Mini”. Another reads, “When you do, you’ll get the full functionality of OneNote.” The third one says, “You’ll pair your new pen with Surface Mini a little later during setup.”

Now, we all know that it is an error, which popped up in the user manual. However, the usage of Surface Mini several times in the user manual gives strong doubts to the users and makes us believe that the tablet really exists. It seems that Microsoft is having a few minor issues with the Surface Pro 3. Earlier, the tablet was listed in the Microsoft support page before its release.

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The user manual also says that the Surface Mini comes with a pen support. This was one of the rumors that were long heard about this device. The digital pen comes with Bluetooth capabilities and this enables it to be connected with the tablet. After the news came out, Microsoft removed the user manuals from the Microsoft support page and now, it has a newer one available that do not say anything about Microsoft Surface Mini. When the software giant was contacted to comment on the new tablet, it declined.

One of the rumors about Surface Mini suggests that the device could be running Windows RT in it. It would have a RAM of 1 GB. Now, if these specifications about the tablet were true, then Microsoft would have to work hard to market this device. Keep in mind that even many of the smart phones in the market have RAM of 2 GB or more and better operating systems.

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Availing Tech Support For Windows

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Windows operating systems are generally good for use. For the most part, they work just fine, as long as you keep the security up at a bare minimum level, and don’t mess around with the OS installation. But sometimes it’s not enough to just keep using it, because problems in the making don’t often show themselves. Sooner or later when you hit a snag, you’ll have to call a tech support guy to come fix your computer.

These days you can get Windows tech support from a variety of sources besides Microsoft. Earlier, if you were past warranty, you had to hunt long for someone who’d help out with your PC problems. Nowadays, there are solution providers coming out of the woodwork. Some provide really decent services, but all of them charge you for it. So then how do you find someone who you can trust to deliver at the best price?

Online is where most people look when they need a problem solved, and can’t find a number to call. In the case of Microsoft tech support, there’s also the fact that the internet is chock full of everything, from conjecture, to actually helpful information. There’s always the chance that you’ll find the answer to your problem posted in a forum somewhere. Otherwise, you can contact an IT solutions expert, either on chat or over the phone, and they’ll get to work resolving your issue. The latter option has the benefit of being verifiably effective, since you’ll probably be dealing with an expert. Meanwhile, what a random guy posted somewhere on the web, may or may not help. Assurance is something that you’ll frequently have to pay for.

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Google the problem you are having, to find information on it online. You’re likely to get Microsoft tech support forums in the search results, which you can visit and peruse. See if they have anything related to your issue, and if they do, whether there is a solution posted for it. If you’re lucky, you’ll get detailed instructions on how to proceed. This is usually from a tech expert, and can be trusted. If they are, they will be identified as such.

A forum is a place where people help each other out with solutions to common problems, or pursue common interests. You might even stumble upon something you can look into after you’ve fixed your PC issue.

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Microsoft Resolves Some Technical Bugs In Their Xbox Live Network

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In the last few months, Microsoft has been dealing with some technical problems in the Xbox Live network online. Many Xbox One and Xbox 360 users have been submitting complaints online to the Microsoft support page hoping for an earlier resolution of the issue. However, Microsoft seems to be taking their time in fixing these technical bugs present in the gaming network.

Xbox Live users affected by various technical bugs in the network

First, many Xbox users had problems connecting to the network itself. This affected many users on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. The technicians managed to resolve the problem in a few days for the Xbox One users, but the Xbox 360 users had to wait for a few more days before they could finally connect their systems to Xbox Live.

Such problems keep happening again and again. Recently, it was reported that many Xbox users on Charter Cable internet connection had issues connecting to the Xbox Live network. Here too, Microsoft technicians took too long a time to fix the issue. Many Xbox 360 users complained that all they see on their screen when they try an Xbox Live app or game online is a black screen.

Also, there are some technical issues specific to certain apps or games on the network. For example, some users, who have no issues connecting to the network, found that they could not access the achievements they unlocked after hours of gaming and accumulating the points. Microsoft support page online has received more complaints regarding such specific issues like errors when playing certain gaming titles, failure to access certain options or features, etc in the last few months.

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Microsoft reported that they have so far fixed many of the issues in the Xbox Live network and many more will be fixed in the coming weeks. Reportedly, they have installed some server updates to fix some of these issues and they are working on a fix to solve the issue of game achievements not registering on the Xbox Live account status.

Compared to these Xbox Live service outage problems and other issues, Sony’s PlayStation Network seems to be offering a somewhat better service with relatively fewer number of such connection issues. So, clearly, Microsoft cannot afford to continue dragging their feet like this when it comes to fixing these issues. It looks like Xbox Live is in need of some serious overhaul.

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Audio Support And Adapter For Surround Sound Support In Xbox One

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The first rumors about the upcoming Audio Headset Adapter in Xbox One came up in an online discussion in the social networking website Reddit. The large gaming community who are active redditors expressed tremendous interest in the upcoming feature. Little later, Albert Penello, Microsoft director of product planning for the Xbox One, detailed about the features you can expect from Microsoft Xbox One in terms of getting Surround Sound Support using an Audio Adapter.

Long story short, Penello revealed that the gaming console will only provide stereo quality sound at the minute. When asked why, Penello stated, “Keep in mind, when you’re dealing with only two speakers, we chose higher quality stereo vs a virtual surround, since the advantage of surround isn’t obvious until you get into very high-end discreet speaker headphones”. To know more features about the Audio Headset Adapter, you can contact the Microsoft support page. The efficient staff will detail you the latest news including the pricing and product comparison.

Although some gamers were disappointed, others did not find this would be subpar. In order to keep the gamers interested, Albert Penello provided a sneak-peak into the activities in the Microsoft headquarters at Redmond. He continued by saying, “We are discussing some sort of virtual surround, but I think the high quality Stereo sound, plus great chat, and the adapter for $80 is a pretty great product.” The stereo headset has recently come out in the market and features a detachable adapter that can be used with other headsets.

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Surround Support For Xbox One

Penello hinted that surround sound might be available on a future date. He said, “”Yes, its possible. Its a [software] feature not a limitation of the [hardware],” which means gamers can predict a Surround Sound update in the future. Revealing more features, he added that the controllers will not timeout or turn-off when the user is performing a different task like watching television or movies using the controller’s stereo set. There are several different rumors coming in about the future update, albeit without any proof.

However, Microsoft refused to confirm or even hint a due date for the planned update of Microsoft Xbox One. One of the Microsoft representatives said, “We’re always listening to what our customers want, and yes, we have many updates in the pipeline to continue to evolve our audio capabilities.” However, he promised to provide more details in the future. If you want to know when and where you can purchase this device, you may contact the Microsoft support page.

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Enhanced Chat From Microsoft Lync 2013

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It is common knowledge that the software giant, Microsoft’s Lync, without a shadow of doubt one of the most popular unified communications platforms available, gained cost reductions due to the implantation of MS UC. Here, we are talking about the Microsoft Lync 2010.

Microsoft Lync ingeniously brings together real time presence information along with various things such as IM, video conferencing, Voice over Internet Protocol, email Exchange and Microsoft Office. This has helped in a great way for creating efficiencies and leveraging productivity. With the latest release of Microsoft’s UC server upgrade in MS Lync 2013, things are going to change further, positively.

The Lync 2013 does not bring new platforms, but it does help in building upon all the associated features of Microsoft Lync 2010. This helps in delivering a super powerful and extremely robust customer or user experience. The world’s leading software maker is promising enhanced resiliency and greater reliability with its 2013 model, as well as better enhancements in how you can make communication on the move, easier.

Enhanced Chat and IM

This is one of the best features of the latest platform. Microsoft chat called Persistent Chat is an advanced Lync service specifically built around the former familiar group chat functionality. In this case, the use of the word Persistent means that you will be able to see a history of the chat session. This is because the chat history is retained. This allows users to easily jump into a chat room and learn about the conversations that have taken place. In case of the previous edition of Lync, the discussions in 2010 were not kept archived. Actually, the thing is that this led to many legal implications to some perspective users.

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Moreover, there is another new feature in the new Microsoft chat. You can have tabbed conversations. This is simply amazing, because now users can keep all their calls, instant messages and chat rooms in a single conversation window, reducing the complexity and confusion, which might happen otherwise. It is possible for users to quickly add other contacts to an IM conversation. Users also have the facility to upgrade it to an audio or video call and all this, with just one simple click.

Advanced Conferencing features

There is another great feature. The new conferencing features have gone through a huge makeover in MS Lync 2013. It now offers support for 1080p HD resolution, which can be useful for video conferencing.

These are some of the awesome new features of Microsoft Lync 2013.

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