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The special Software Assurance Home Use Program (HUP) is developed by Microsoft to enable employees to get the latest version of Microsoft Office on their home computers. Microsoft provides Office for Mac as well as Windows at a relatively lower rate for the employees of companies with volume license agreements and those which are enrolled in HUP. With this advanced option, the employees would be able to install Office on their home computers and then use it for company purposes.

The license for Microsoft Home Use Program would cost approximately 9.95 USD. Some of the requirements of the HUP include the following.

The company should be having the Microsoft Office volume license and should also be enrolled in the Microsoft Home User Program. In addition to it, the employees must also be current license holders of the Office program as well as eligible to purchase HUP. For this, they must receive a notification from the employer stating their eligibility. If the employee leaves the firm, he must also terminate the use of the HUP software. Likewise, if the company itself terminates its Software Assurance Agreement with Microsoft, its employees must also terminate the home use of the Office software. Moreover, only one license of Office can be purchased through this program.

License Agreements

Microsoft Office 365

Employees, along with receiving the Office program for home use, will also be eligible for two additional features to use at work. These include the Office Communicator and the Information Rights Management support. The Software assurance Home Use Program is available for users via the Volume Licensing and Service Center. The officials available in the company licensing can sign-up and activate the program. They will be receiving a special program code, which can be given to the employees to use Office from home. The company also receives a report that shows the number of copies of Microsoft Office that have been downloaded by the employees and are using it for home use. The Microsoft Home Use Program is a business application and is not available to regular customers.

The license includes two installs for the user, one on the primary device and the other on the secondary one. The support for Microsoft Home Use Program is provided by Microsoft Setup and installation support, which is quite similar to the support that regular customers get when they purchase the Microsoft programs from a retail store.

For more features of Microsoft Home Use Program, you may contact our Windows technical support team.

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New Advanced Outlook.Com Features

Microsoft Chat

Microsoft Chat Help

Software giant Microsoft have revamped their webmail service Outlook.com. This makeover was much needed since some necessary features were obviously missing in the web email application. With the added features Microsoft is now ready to step up and compete with Gmail. Recent updates include introduction of new features like better ways to organize and filter emails, in-line reply, an undo function and a few enhancements to the Microsoft chat feature in Outlook.com.

The software behemoth has been trying to attract more users to use their webmail service recently. Last year, they included a feature which lets Gmail account users to easily import their account/s to Outlook.com.

Apart from all these new features, what the software giant considers as Outlook.com’s best and most important change is the inclusion of Advanced Rules, which helps users to make custom triggers to aid them in organizing their Outlook.com inbox. There are various things on which these triggers may be based, such as who the message is from, how old it is, and whether it is read or unread. For instance, you can create a rule that moves email messages sent by one of your friends/contacts to the top of webmail service’s inbox. With the Advanced Rules feature you can set multi-condition and multiple action rules to help your inbox automatically organize the emails. You can easily combine the existing rules with the ones you customize, to suit your preference.

Inbox Automatically Organize

Microsoft Chat Info

Even the chat feature has been improved to make it easier for users to find people online and send messages. Apart from the improvements in the Microsoft chat feature, Outlook.com now provides a messaging section located in the bottom-left corner of the inbox, where users can now access their recent conversations, and also check which of their friends or contacts are online.

Windows users might be familiar with the Undo feature that helps you undo your actions in Windows. There is a similar feature being incorporated in Outlook.com. It makes it easier to undo mistakes. The range of commands for which the undo feature is available includes Delete, Flag, Categorize, Move, or Mark as Junk. It is available even for a whole group of emails. All you need to do is – just as in Windows – press the Ctrl key and then Z key immediately (in that order) to bring back to the previous state (state before you used one of the commands).

These improvements will definitely enhance the overall emailing experience for Outlook.com account users.

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Games For Windows Live Service Still Available Online

Microsoft Support Page

About Games for Widows Live support

We all expected Game for Windows Live service to go offline by July 1, 2014, as this was the last date for the online PC gaming service according to a Microsoft blog post. But, Games for Windows Live service is still available online and there is no such announcements regarding its shutting down on Microsoft support page either.

Is Games for Windows Live going to be shut down really?

Microsoft has not revealed what their plans are for the online gaming service at the moment. It was back in August 2013, when a Microsoft executive posted on Age of Empires online game’s support page that they would be pulling out the plug of the game as well as that of Games for Windows Live service by July 1, 2014. This news was soon picked up by online gaming forums and other tech websites, and the news spread around like a fire.

However, Microsoft removed the said blog post without explaining the reason. Many Game for Windows Live users assumed that the end was indeed near for Microsoft online gaming service and they started to look for alternatives. Some users even started using the very popular Steam online gaming service from Valve.

As this so-called deadline started approaching, many gaming titles available on Games for Windows Live service gradually started moving to Steam and other available online gaming services as well. As per the initial Microsoft blog post, the Age of Empires game officially ended on July 1, 2014, but Games for Windows Live service is still alive.

Age of Empires Online

Contact Microsoft Support

As per a statement on the Microsoft support page, Games for Windows Live service will be available to all its users in the future as it was earlier. Nevertheless, as Games for Windows Market Place and Xbox PC marketplace services are no longer available, current Games for Windows Live users will not be able to buy any new online PC gaming titles. Yet users can continue to play the gaming titles they have already purchased through the Games for Windows Live service.

In a recent blog post, Microsoft made it clear that they will continue to support PC gaming for many years to come, and in fact, look forward to it as an emerging sector. All this indicates that Games for Windows Live service is heading for a revamp within the next few months.

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Easy To Execute Steps To Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar From The Computer


Disable Yahoo Toolbar

Yahoo search engine and the email program from it are widely being used around the world. Now, if you are in a different website other than Yahoo and wish to access Yahoo mail, you will have to open a new tab and enter the Yahoo mail address in and then sign in to the program using the user name and password.

However, if your internet browser has Yahoo toolbar installed in it, all you need to do is click on the button for Mail and the browser takes you directly to your email account. You can also search the internet directly from the toolbar. You may simply enter the keyword in the search space of the toolbar and hit the Enter key and Yahoo will bring you the search results in a second.

Now, even though you have many advantages of using Yahoo toolbar, you might be a bit annoyed with it as it causes the internet browser to respond slowly and loads the web pages slower than before. The only solution in such cases is to disable the toolbar from the internet browser or uninstall Yahoo toolbar from the computer. The toolbar can be installed in browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox. In this post, we will find out how to remove Yahoo toolbar Firefox, Internet Explorer Add-ons from the browsers and from the computer.

Remove from Internet Explorer

  • Launch Internet Explorer and click Tools.
  • Choose Manage Add-ons.
  • From the window for Manage Add-ons, click Yahoo toolbar and then the button Disable. This button is present at the bottom of the window.
  • Close the browser and launch it again.

Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar

Remove from Firefox

  • Launch Firefox browser and select the option Tools.
  • Click Add-ons from the sub menu.
  • In the new window, choose Yahoo Toolbar and select the button Remove present to the right of the toolbar.
  • Close Firefox windows and launch the browser again.

Remove from computer

  • Launch Control Panel window from the Start menu.
  • Right-click the option Add or Remove Programs and choose Open.
  • Select Yahoo Toolbar from the list of programs in Add or Remove Programs window.
  • Choose the button Remove next to it.

With the above steps, you can remove Yahoo toolbar Firefox, Internet Explorer Add-ons from the various internet browsers and from the computer. For further assistance on this issue, you may contact our technical support team.

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Use Microsoft Lync For Corporate Communication

Microsoft Chat

About Microsoft Lync Chat Application

Microsoft is well known for their Windows operating systems and Office software applications. In fact, corporate customers represent a big chunk of their revenue as Microsoft releases Enterprise versions of all of its products and services, which are specially designed for corporate users. These software versions will have more options and features than standard versions, aimed to help with various office requirements in an organization.

One such Enterprise software offered by the tech giant is Microsoft Lync. This is an Enterprise version of the Microsoft chat services such as Windows Messenger or the Skype Messenger. As it is designed for the corporate use, Microsoft Lync has many more features and functions than the standard chat applications.

Lync is the latest version of Microsoft Office Communicator application. Microsoft rebranded the old Microsoft chat application as Microsoft Lync back in January 2011, with all the standard chat options for instant messaging, audio and video chat, as well as options for video conferencing, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

Microsoft Lync can be integrated smoothly with all Office applications and comes with many security features designed for secured data transmission over the corporate network. The only catch when it comes to using VoIP service in Microsoft Lync is that you might have to look for Lync compatible phones and devices.

However, that is not a big problem. Lync supports most of the VoIP phones and communication devices available in the market, and Microsoft has released firmware solutions for most of them. To make matters easier, the tech giant has also provided a list of all the Lync compatible phones and devices online as part of their Compatible Devices Program. You can find all the required information on Microsoft’s tech support website.

Lync Firmware Upgrades

Contact Microsoft Support

Microsoft will update Lync compatibility status with the commonly available IP phones and communications on the page after a thorough verification. It will also include details of the Lync firmware version you need to use with your device. Note that you will have to use the exact version mentioned on the page, as most of the latest Lync firmware upgrades will not suffice.

You can also ask the vendors about compatibility of the device with Microsoft Lync before you purchase it, and install all the drivers and firmware required. For more information on the matter, visit the Microsoft Lync tech support website.

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