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Windows update is a blessing for Windows users. It helps them keep their operating systems up to date and immune to security threats. If you are using a genuine version of Windows OS on your PC, it is advisable to keep the Automatic Windows Update on. If the Automatic Windows Update is enabled, you can be saved from the mess of manually updating Windows from time to time.

Notwithstanding this, if you are with a slow internet connection, keeping Automatic Windows Update enabled can affect your internet browsing. Taking this concern into consideration, Microsoft tech support centre has offered an alternative option. This option allows you to download Windows updates when it pleases you. You can install the downloaded updates whenever you wish. Besides that, you can configure the Windows update settings to receive notifications about new updates. It is also possible to disable Windows updates and notifications. In this article, you will find the steps for customizing your Windows Update Settings.


  • Navigate to the Start button on your PC and choose Control Panel from the menu that appears.
  • Locate Automatic Updates icon in the Control Panel screen and double-click it to open. This will open a new window where you will see options for configuring your Windows update settings.
  • Find the option labelled Automatic in the dialogue box and click the circle next to it. This will enable Windows to download all new updates and install them automatically. You can set the frequency for installing the downloaded updates by selecting the drop boxes next to Time.

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  • If you do not want Windows to install the downloaded updates, locate and select the circle close to the link that says Download, but let me choose when to install. This will instruct Windows to alert you when new updates are available. You can decide whether to install the updates or not after reviewing each update and its purpose.
  • If you don’t want to download or install updates but wish to know about all the updates that become available in future, select the circle before the link Notify me, but don’t download or install.

According to the Microsoft tech support desk, installation of Windows Update is mandatory to keep the Windows OS safe, secure and up to date. If it is possible by any means, install latest Windows updates. If you have missed out any important updates, it is possible to retrieve them from the Microsoft server later.

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Microsoft And Google Unite To Develop Browser Embedded Chat Service

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Sources privy to Microsoft and Google report that the software giants are collaborating to develop a voice/video chat service integrated with web browsers. The tech world is observing the collaboration with extreme enthusiasm because it is the first time that Microsoft is collaborating with its major rival Google.

The collaborative project titled Object RTC (ORTC) API for WebRTCwill aim at developing an elaborative framework for embedding voice/video over IP service into web browsers. Resultantly, users need not require installing a Skype-like chat application in their PC for video/voice chats or instant messaging. As of now, users are required to install third party plug-ins for similar effect.

Recently, Google had discontinued its instant messaging application Gtalk and transferred all its users to Google Hangout, the browser embedded service. It seems that Microsoft is impressed by the move and wants to make a similar change with its instant messaging services as well. The collaborative project would aim at developing embedded Skype and Google Hangout services across Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Essentially, the projects would benefit both parties equally.

Sources privy to Microsoft chat support reveal that the project would make use of JavaScript to enable real time communication embedded across browsers. The end result of the project would be that users of both laptop and desktop browsers would be able to launch browser embedded text/voice/video chat services within their browser itself. It is reported that the embedded service will be extended to all types of latest computing devices, namely smartphones, tablets, notebooks, laptops and desktops.

Browser Embedded Chat Service

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Browser embedded video chat services made to be compatible with scalable videos

Another bright side of the browser embedded chat service is that it will be capable of supporting simulcast and scalable video coding. As of now, there are no chat services that support simulcast and scalable video coding. Scalable video coding and simulcast require higher compatibility to work within an interoperable SDP. Through the collaborative project, Microsoft and Google would work together to develop a WebRTC 1.0 and SDP to enable the smooth operation of simulcast and scalable video coding.

Through the collaborative work, both companies are aiming at avoiding higher level reliance on Session Description Protocol from IETF. The project would also streamline the interoperability of the chat services in browsers. Both companies have refused to divulge more details about the project or the features. However, sources privy to Microsoft chat support reveal that the interoperable chat service will be launched soon.

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Iliad Hoping To Receive Help From Google And Microsoft In T-Mobile Bid

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Iliad, a France based telecom giant is trying to put together money and is looking to at least two of the United States’ largest technology companies for funding a second takeover bid for T-mobile, it was reported.

Much recently, the telecom company made a quite surprising offer, which consisted $33 a share for 57 percent of the larger T-Mobile. But, unfortunately for Iliad, the offer was quickly rejected. Now, the company is asking for help from the likes of search engine giant Google and the world’s largest software maker Microsoft. Iliad is looking to team up on a bigger proposal, according to the latest industry rumors.

Now, the thing is it is difficult to know how far advanced the talks are or if these talks were likely to end up with any technology giant jumping aboard on an improved bid.

As per experts and various sources from the telecom sector, they feel there is a definite upside to a move by Google. This way the search engine behemoth can buy into a wireless carrier.

According to a telecom insider and an expert in the field, Google prefers everything moved to an Internet Protocol standard. He also mentioned that such a move can generally benefit everyone and he was waiting Google to make a positive move concerning the T-Mobile bid.

The search giant would any way like homeowners to watch TV online via the Internet. This way cable TV can be bypassed.

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In case T-Mobile built its spectrum, customers will then be able to use it for more than just cellular phone service, as per the telecom expert. He added that, in a sense all the tech giants are on the same page on this. For Google to acquire unrestricted access to online lives, the only way this can be made possible is by becoming a communications company.

Moreover, huge technology companies have every reason for keeping the competition alive among the cellular carriers. A telecom lawyer said that if these tech giants think Sprint or T-Mobile might fail, then they might prop then up. There is another technicality issue when it comes to getting a duopoly. If they to such a stage, then they will not be able to access the end users without fees, the lawyer added.

Hope that this news tech article was useful to you. For other Microsoft news or issues, you can visit the official Microsoft tech support. Microsoft tech related articles are also available for perusal on many third party Microsoft tech support websites as well.

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Downloading Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office

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Microsoft Word is a word processing program that comes with the Office suite set of programs. Many make use of the program for creating and drafting documents and files. Here we discuss simple instructions for installing Office Word on your system.


  • One of the first things that you need to do before going with the Microsoft Office Word download is to find which version of the program is compatible with the operating system you are using. This can be done by visiting the Office Word support site; the site contains the list of operating systems supported by each version of the Word processor program. Also make sure that your computer satisfies the minimum system requirements for running the program.
  • If you have not used the Word program before, then you can try a test drive version of the program as Microsoft offers a trial version of the program. You can download the test drive version of the program for the Microsoft website for free. The test drive version of the program can be installed on the system by simply clicking on the button labeled as Launch Test Drive found in the web page. Make sure that you follow all the prompts shown by the wizard for using the test drive version of Word.
  • If you would like to use the program for few days before actually making the purchase, then it is better to install the trial version of the program. Microsoft offers a sixty-day trial version of the program for all users who have not installed the Word program.
  • Installing Office Word

    About Office Word

    Once you have made your mind to purchase the program, make sure that you download the program only from the official Microsoft Download Center and not from some third party website as the download file may contain some malware. Before starting the download, select the version that is suited for your computer.

  • When the download starts, the system will ask you where to store the download file, select a location of your choice and remember it. When the download process completes, navigate to the location where you have stored the file and double click on the installation file to start the installation of the Microsoft Office Word program.
  • Follow all the prompts shown by the installation wizard and then restart the system for completing the installation process.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to install Microsoft Word on your system with ease.

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Windows XP In Healthcare Systems

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We all know that Microsoft has discontinued the support of Windows XP operating system. After end of support, the users of Windows XP will not get any patches and updates. This means that using the Windows XP computer after the end of support date is unsafe and the PC will be prone to attacks and hacks.

This is obviously a problem for the home users, but far more serious issue for the businesses, especially when the business is the health of the nation. The NHS in UK still has a huge number of computers that run on Windows XP operating system.

NHS hoped to make some arrangements that would give NHS support for additional three years. This would give them little more time to upgrade to Windows 8 operating system. Talks are still going on between Microsoft and the UK government in the hope that a deal can be struck.

Extended support feature is still available to those users who are willing to pay, but the hope is that a cut-price deal can be struck. This may help to reduce the cost of upgrading the medical systems.

The Register suggests that the high price tag attached to extended support is a final push by Microsoft Corporation to encourage all the users including the business users away from Windows XP. Sources have revealed to The Register that Microsoft may be willing to extend the support for the health service PCS by a year, and while there are no details about the costs that are involved, it would be reasonable to expect them to be lower than the previously quoted price.

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If the deal moves on, different parts of health services will not be obliged to participate. Budgets for the individual departments in health services are managed separately, so it will be a matter of choice, rather than a policy that is forced on the departments.

It is not yet clear how far from reaching a conclusion the talks are, but one of the spokespersons from the Department of Health said, “We are currently negotiating a package of support with Microsoft for the wider NHS system and expect an agreement to be concluded shortly.” If you wish to know more on this news, you can contact the Microsoft tech support team. They will be able to provide you more details on this news. You may also refer to the official Microsoft tech support blog to know more details on the news.

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