Installing Microsoft Communicator On Your Smartphones

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Microsoft Communicator is a technology which allows users to connect and have telephonic conversation without a phone line between. This is mostly used in companies that try to connect with employees without having to use traditional phone lines. You can also add it to your Smartphone just by installing the software. Here are some guidelines to install Microsoft Communicator across different platforms.

Instructions to use Microsoft Communicator on any phone

  • First download the Microsoft Communicator 2007 and install it into your computer.
  • Now go to the Call-handling Options sections in the program. You will find this option available after clicking on the File tab on the top left of the window.
  • Now choose the option to forward any phone calls received using Communicator on the desktop to another phone number. You can choose to forward this either to a landline or a cell phone though the latter is more advantageous as have access to your calls all the time.

Instructions to use Microsoft Communicator on your Smartphone

  • First download and then install the program on your smartphones. The download and installation process may vary depending upon the brand and model of the Smartphone you possess. Just follow the prompts that the installation wizard provides and complete installation smoothly.
  • Now you can add your contacts to the Communicator database. You have three options or methods to do this: search for a particular contact using their SIP address, or by looking through the corporate listings else by adding him during a conversation. The second method which utilizes corporate listings can only be employed if you are using Microsoft Communicator through a company or organization which initially set up a user listing when the software was installed in the systems.

    Microsoft Communicator 2007

  • The contact’s name will appear as soon as you add them but their status information will appear only if the person has approved of the connection else it won’t. This feature is actually exclusive to the mobile versions of Microsoft Communicator. You will find the contacts by clicking on Menu followed by Add Contact and then selecting the desired method to add the contacts to the Communicator database.
  • Now test out the voice and video chat features on your phone and ensure they run smoothly. This will not reduce the standard airtime on your cell phone plan as this information is transmitted using the Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP technology.

If you experience any problems with Microsoft Communicator contact the Microsoft chat support team for help. Microsoft chat support teams are available for removing your trouble every hour of every day.