Help To Find I386 Folder

Windows Operating Systems

A bug or an error, even an accidental delete might lose your files that important. Thankfully, Microsoft Windows operating systems come with inbuilt setups to recover such lost data. You are also fortunate enough to have Microsoft tech support team at your reach 24/7. Have you heard about i386 folder?

i386 would be a familiar folder to you and it comes in Windows operating system  installation disk. This folder contains all what it takes to repair a critical file missing from your computer hard drive. i386 comes with all the essential files required to install Microsoft Windows operating system in your computer system. Vaguely, you could say that i386 folder is indeed useful to repair older Windows versions, while it has become obsolete for new Windows operating systems. Therefore, this folder has the necessary items expected to be included in an identical copy of Microsoft Windows setup disc.

It is probable that the technical solutions for a serious computer problem might require you to perform a few steps to have the i386 folder. It is not a must that this folder has to be present in your hard drive, even if it is there in the Windows operating system installation disc. If your system comes without an installation disk as inbuilt, the manufacturer would have added a copy of the i386 folder onto your computer’s hard drive.

Locating i386 folder on your computer hard drive

Microsoft Tech Support
  • The root of your hard drive would be accessible from the C drive; just go to Start >> My computer >> Tools >> Folder options >> View >> Hidden Files and Folders >> Show Hidden Files and Folders >>OK
  • You may reach back to the root of your system’s hard drive now and i386 folder will be located here. You could easily spot it out and just have to double click to open this folder. There is no other solution to finding i386 folder files other than using Windows installation disc, if you don’t come across this folder in your computer hard drive.

Microsoft tech support team is efficient to steer you away from all your doubts on recovering lost files and much more including Microsoft program usage. If you have any doubt with a newly introduced feature, seek help from the tech support without hesitation. Even critical system errors could be resolved with i386 folder within your reach.